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In action and adventure programs, physically thrilling situations and straight-forward plot development are the most important elements. This distinguishes the programs in this genre from more broadly dramatic shows in which the development of characters and the complicated interactions between them are more important than exciting action. The action and adventure genre includes a variety of sub-genres that involve widely diverse subject matter.

The storyline of an action or adventure program usually centers on a hero, a heroine or a group of heroes. The plot typically sends these heroes on a quest with a clear goal, and the pursuit of the goal places the heroes in a series of dangerous situations that they must conquer in order to survive and, ultimately, reach the goal. Within that basic framework, the subject of the program can encompass practically any situation, from realistic crime or military settings to science fiction or the supernatural.

Because they can effortlessly incorporate action situations into their plots, crime dramas have long been one of the most popular type of TV action program. These shows feature individual law enforcement officers or teams of officers whose quest in each episode is to solve mysteries and capture criminals. The quest typically involves car chases, gun battles and other situations in which the heroes are in peril.

Adventure programs often include elements of fantasy and the supernatural, and they are more likely to focus on the completion of a long-term quest, as opposed to a simpler action program that has a preference for short bursts of energy that move the plot forward quickly.

Some nonfiction programs can also reasonably be said to fall into the action and adventure genre. Reality shows that follow law enforcement officers, medical professionals or others in potentially dangerous occupations often capitalize on situations where their heroes are in hazardous positions in order to create tension and suspense.

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